The Human Element in Exponential Growth

The PDIE Core Team

Christian Schmitz


After a corporate career in large multinationals such as Bayer, BASF, Henkel and the German SME hulsta furniture, he established his boutique consulting firm Aventa to bridge Japan and Europe. Various experiences in the startup world, investing in startups as well as running a global organization. Finally, he founded the PDIE to build his own global network of purpose driven entrepreneurs 


Andy Kondo

Based in Tokyo, Andy is the founder of Amplify Japan and always connects Japan with the outsid

Based in Tokyo, he is working on corporate transformation and also brings interesting startups from abroad into Japan and vice versa. He founded his company Amplify Japan after extensive experience in various European countries. 


Nina del Marr


Based in Berlin, Nina has a gift to connect people to their inner purpose and works as a coach. She is American born and one passion is to work with leaders on transformation. She is also the founder of the womens' network Woven. 

Leila Djawas


Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Leila is running her own consulting firm and always strives for bringing purpose and passion into her work. She also supports the Indonesian president's election campaign. She is our Indonesia Ambassador. 


Steffen Tim Weber


Steffen has been working a long time in Brussels as EU secretary general and dealt with Climate Change and the Arctics. He knows the world of international politics and feels a strong need to foster human level connections. Steffen is based in Berlin. 


Dr. Irene Lee


Based in Singapore, Irene is an entrepreneur and artist and is the president of the Singapore Harvard club. She is investing into mega solar parks and always strives for finding sustainable solutions. 

Dieter Bauer

Based in Berlin with broad range of experience from business consultant in process management and di

Based in Berlin with broad range of experience from business consultant in process management and digitalization in german industry to entrepreneurship. As systemic thinking entrepreneur knowing all companies of all stages and sizes,
he is now looking to accelerate transformation of society and economy towards good-for-five generations and good-for-five of us.




Until 2020, we would like to expand our network to 20 countries and you could be one of our purpose driven change makers. If you are interested in finding out more about the opportunity to change yourself and the world towards finding more purpose, please get in touch with us! 

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Peo Ekberg


Sustainability producer and journalist since 25 years between Sweden, Japan and Zambia. Crowd funded his Banana Paper Factory in Sambia and works with many Japanese corporations on SDGs. Founder of One Planet Cafe. 


Our Programs

PDIE Institute


Our planet and humanity face unprecedented challenges and we need a paradigm shift and new mindset to tackle the challenges of climate change, the mastering of exponential technological growth and the verge to a new age in which automation, data and ai will penetrate in many areas of our lives. 

PDIE Consulting


In order to elevate humanity to the next stage, we need to connect to self and others. We need a new mindset and solve problems with more a more collaborative spirit and culture. We establish programs such as the SDGs lounge, the FUTURE LUNCH series and organize conferences and workshops to instigate corporate and individual transformation. 

PDIE Ecosystem Building


We constantly strive for connecting with the most advanced thinkers, leaders and innvoators and build data bases to connect people with similar ideas and concepts to enable them to connect to create more impact.  Become part of our community and sign up now.