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Yes, I want to change the world and be part of the global movement and learn about fundraising ideas. I am keen and excited on new innovations. 

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Nano Expo Tokyo

We were part of the event around Startup Delta from the Netherlands when HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje brought 13 dutch NanoTech startups to Tokyo. 

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We are building a global, leaderless organization of like minded entrepreneurs, creators, inventors and change makers who believe that we can shift the needle towards a new societal model which works for everybody. We believe that any idea is a seed and can run through an incubator to become something of real impact. 

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Find out more about our organization and our programs to co-create a better tomorrow. We connect to the most passionate and impactful people on this planet to create problem solving new innovations. 

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Everything starts from a seed, everything starts in a human mind. We want to actively participate in growing and nurturing these seeds in our incubator programs and bring our ecosystem and know-how to the most talented people. We offer a platform for real change makers. Our mission? Change the world by changing ourselves.

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- Connect with like minded top innovators pursuing purpose driven innovation

- Accesss to a well selected network of purpose driven investors

- International expansion support with access to the PDIE global network

- Connect with best mentors and top notch knowledge


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- Access to the latest international trends in susstainable innovationss 

- Investment and M&A opportunities with our pre-screened startup selection 

- Easy access to our international network 

- Increase motivation and awareness of your staff 

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