The Human Element in Exponential Growth

Our Values

Co-creation vs. competition

Everything we do, we do with our hearts and with our passion because we deeply love our home, planet Earth.

We love to co-create and value diversity and creativity. 

We believe in possibilities rather than pinpointing problems. Impossible is nothing and what ever our mind can conceive and believe, we can achieve. 

Our existing world is based on territorial thinking. Not only geographical territories, but territories of thought, territories of speech, territories of intellectual and physical properties have put artificial scarcity into our world of abundance and created a growing gap between the super wealthy and the super poor. We want to end the era of territorial thinking and enter  the new era of sharing. 

Our planet offers abundance if we are mindful and live in harmony with nature. 

We believe in authentic and real human connection rather than superficial encounters.

Love and compassion are guiding principles in our daily life. 

Sustainable and Purpose Driven

We believe that short term focused and purely profit driven scenarios have to be replaced by a constant inquiry about environmental and social impact and that any kind of innovation needs to contribute to solving real world problems instead of creating yet another KPI driven bubble. 

We let this constant inquiry guide us in connecting with the people, the resources and the principles which will serve the collective.